another post from ft. couch

many a splendid afternoon spoiled by the luxury of streamed television shows.  downton abbey is both a beautiful story of love and struggle and also my excuse for my struggle to get off the couch and go to the gym *cheeky smile*.




i am forcing myself to declare that i must make tomorrow a productive day as today obviously failed to be fruitful.  hoping to make my rounds to the middle school i am eyeing, and see if there might be any room for me to come in and begin my observations.  also, i have been pondering what excuse i am to give my boss when i get back to the office on tuesday.  i must make my notice as soon as possible.  honesty is always the best policy, but i don’t know how it will affect my future and obtaining a reference.  i just hope that it can come through as a positive reference for me.  i just have a very difficult time judging her character because my boss seems ever so disconnected with the world and focuses so much on her own personal opinions and preferences of how things should be.  but i do think that if i am honest with her, it is the only way that she will understand where i am coming from.  

i so much look forward to a new beginning and starting a new decade in my life.  september marks my change from my 20s to my 30s.  a bit frightening if i’m honest, but i am welcoming it with open arms.  well, it’s almost 3 am and i believe my eyes are telling me that my time is up.  will try to be more in touch, and keeping this blog updated on my journey to “teacherhood”.  much love and best wishes for all that is to come.  




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